LV Global has been the leading manufacturing service and sourcing firm in Vietnam since 2009. We started as SonVu Automation and for over 10 years we have been a pioneer in the field of metal fabrication and equipment manufacturing. Anything we don’t produce in house, we source from only the best suppliers in Vietnam. We manage every step of the production until the product gets to your hand. With over 10 years experience producing custom engineered products, we take pride in the products we have built and the trust we have established.

We give our customers the peace of mind to focus on expanding their business.

Our People Make Us Great

All our employees contribute to our success. From our highly skilled engineers to our experienced logistic coordinators, our employees continually perform their best and we appreciate all their hard-work. To that end, our top priorities are always the safety, health, and success of our members.

Commitment to Quality

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Customers expect and deserve high quality products to agreed specifications. We build everything with this philosophy in mind and we would always rather take a loss than to ship any product that’s not to these standards.

Continuous Innovation

We constantly adapt to new technologies and innovate existing processes to maintain our competitive edge. We look for opportunities to streamline processes and increase productivity whenever possible. This saving we pass on to our customers through reduced production time and cost.

Excellence through Collaboration

We believe behind every good product is a good team. We communicate with our customers, suppliers, and contractors at all stages of production to deliver quality products always on-time with maximum efficiency.

Meet Some of Us

Lan Dam

General Manager

Phan Thanh Vu

Production Manager

June Pham

Project Manager

Vo Huu Trong

Engineering Manager



+1 773 888 4040